PA-55 Rolled Covers

PORTOS offers two sizes of boxes of rolled covers, depending on the size of the construction hole. The box of the rolled covers allows to leave free space under the ceiling, and thus increases the functional area of the room. The maximum available width of PORTOS rolled covers is 4 m.


The standard equipment of the rolled covers PORTOS includes: box (250 mm or 300 mm), aluminium profile (PA-55 mm) produced by our company in colours that perfectly match the tastes of our customers and aesthetically match the colour of the building.


The rolled covers also contain protecting elements in the form of hangers and interlocks. The company also offers drives to rolled covers and a dedicated control system.


Within the mechanism of a roller door the hangers function as an element that connects the octagonal tube with the roller gate profile. Two types of hangers can be found in the market: steel hangers and so-called blocking hangers. The steel hangers consist of a metal elastic arm with a plastic element that locks the hanger in the roller gate profile. As opposed to the steel hanger, the blocking one consists of a few plastic segments that enable to lock the profile in a fixed position.


After closing the roller door the profile is stopped in vertical position ( straight from bottom to the top ). The motor, located inside the tube, automatically disables any movement of the tube  when it is not working. When using a steel hanger with a metal elastic arm, there is a possibility to lift the roller door profile, even though the motor is not working – the arm of the hanger provides almost zero resistance to the roller door profile.

With the right amount of profile in correspondence to the height of the roller door combined with the use of rigid blocking hangers a customer can be certain that it would take huge force to lift the roller door profile from the outside. A tube with motor installed blocked in the lower limit position together with the use of rigid blocking hangers makes it almost impossible to lift the profile and access the building through the roller door by any unwanted person.








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