PORTOS - Manufacturer of top quality roller shutters and external blinds, on the market from the 1990s

PORTOS was set up in the 1990s and therefrom has been continuously expanding its product range to meet the changing expectations and needs of its clients. As a manufacturer of roller shutters and external blinds, we are perfectly aware of the important function of our products, i.e.  protection against excessive exposure to sun and excessive room temperature. Our goal is to offer our clients products of superior quality.

PORTOS manufactures not only roller shutters but also external blinds. To ensure top quality of our products, we regularly update our professional knowledge on innovative solutions in our industry sector.

At present, PORTOS premises occupy an area of 45,000 m2, this includes our headquarters in Kalisz, production halls and warehouse space. In 2017, we completed the construction of our new facility in Kuchary. The new building has an area of 68,000 m2 and contains production halls, warehouses and office space.

Trust us - PORTOS - an expert in production of top quality roller shutters and external blinds.


PORTOS - a recognised manufacturer of roller shutters and external blinds

PORTOS has been producing and delivering roller shutters and external blinds for many years. As a manufacturer, we are fully aware of the important function that our products serve in their daily use. We continually monitor the latest trends and development of new technologies, as a result we are able to offer increasing better, innovative solutions. Owing to investments in modern machines and technologies, we can deliver to our clients highly efficient and durable top mounted shutters that will certainly fully satisfy even the most demanding clients.

As a leading Polish manufacturer of roller shutters and external blinds, we can also offer transport and logistics services, which translates into quick and streamlined order fulfilment.

In PORTOS, we employ properly qualified staff, with in-depth knowledge in the area of roller shutters and external blinds, who can advise our clients on products that will best meet their needs.

See what we can offer to you and choose top quality roller shutters and external blinds from PORTOS, a renowned manufacturer!


PORTOS – Our product range

PORTOS offers a wide range of products that ensure safety and comfort to their users. We produce front mounted shutters, rolling gates, external blinds and wall mounted shutters. Our product range includes automation and Smart Home solutions. All our solutions work perfectly in homes and in public spaces.

We also offer trainings, within the framework of which we share our knowledge and experience in the area of shutters, blinds and gates with other business entities. Members of our team have extensive and long term experience and will be happy to advise you on the products best suited to the needs of your house or office.

Do not hesitate, see what we have for you today and enjoy the comfort that our products and solutions can offer!


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