PORTOS motors


The drives of PORTOS and PORTOS R systems are single-phase, asynchronous motors controlled with a voltage of 230V 50 Hz. They are equipped with the so-called "mechanical outermost system", which means that the regulation of places of the stopping of the engine mounted in the roller blinds is performed manually (by means of a control key) at the head of the drive. The motors are available with an adaptation on the octagonal pipe with diameters of, respectively, 40, 60 and 70 mm. Owing to the manner of control, the PORTOS drives are divided into:


1. Wireless motors – PORTOS

2. Radio motors – PORTOS-R

3. Motor with an emergency lifting mechanism – type NHK


The radio control system PORTOS-R is based on wall devices and portable remotes working on the frequency of 433 MHz (permanent code). It offers a possibility of remote controlling covers from any place in the building by means of any transmitter from the control system PORTOS-R. In this system there are temporary control devices which enable to set automatic hours of lifting and lowering of the covers during the week.

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