PA-55 profile

PA-55 profile

The PA-55 is intended for use in rolled covers. It is offered in a version without perforation (it is possible to order a profile with perforation) in a broad range of colours.


Profile height:                                    55 mm

Number of slats per meter of height: 18 pcs

Maximum width of the shutter:         4000 mm

Maximum area of the shutter:           12 m2

Weight 1 m2:                                   3,4 kg

Additional information



* – product available until in stock, completion date up to 15 business days.


Because the structure of the colors: Gold Oak, Nussbaun may be subjected to some differences, the Company Portos will not accept any complaints of this type.

   Please pay attention that the above samples of colors may differ to some extent from the actual colors.


Profiles for Gates and Covers

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