The front mounted RL2000® shutter with a mosquito net

The front mounted RL2000<small><sup>®</sup></small> shutter with a mosquito net

The RL2000 shutter is nothing else than the ST2000 shutter in an oval box. Similarly to its predecessor it constitutes the simplest solution in technical and economic terms, at the same time preserving an interesting style. The size of the box depends on the whole height of the shutter and the type of armouring. There is a version without mosquito nets and another one with mosquito nets. The version with a mosquito net effectively protects the room against insects, as well as any kinds of pollen, leaves and dirt. At the same time it does not limit access to air and daylight.


The whole shutter is installed on the building facade.

The drive (belt or cord) are conducted through the rear of the box, then through an opening in the wall into the rooms.

We perform this installation after the installation of windows.


The whole shutter is screwed on a window frame.

The output of the drive (cord) is through the window frame.

One should remember that one should insert the box of the shutter with the placed guide rails into the window recess.

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