Top mounted MX1200® shutter

Top mounted MX1200<small><sup>®</sup></small> shutter

MX1200 is a system of roller shutters dedicated for renovation and monoblock windows. The specific construction of the shutter box with an inspection hatch at the front allows for mounting a roller shutter on the window frames of 60 to 180mm. The rounded bottom edge of the inspection hatch and the ability to use end caps on the access cover and the box sides increase the aesthetics significantly. The operation is possible both manual using a tape and electric using a switch or a remote control.

Roleta MX1200 z otwartą klapą rewizyjną.
The MX1200 shutter with an open revision cove.
MX1200 - montaż monoblock
Box of MX1200 roller shutter is adapted for mounting in the insulation layer which allows for mounting MX1200 roller shutters with windows in the monoblock system.

MX1200 roller shutter can be mounted with windows in the renovation system.

This system is used to mount roller shutters with a window without removing old frames.

The MX1200 shutter on the wall.

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