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Top mounted SN5000® shutter

Top mounted SN5000<small><sup>®</sup></small> shutter

Owing to wide installation possibilities, it perfectly fits modern house designs. The option with internal inspection cover, external inspection cover, as well as a box prepared for installation of the external blind are additional arguments for choosing SN5000®. Thanks to specially designed guides, the external blind package with a slat width of up to 90 mm can be easily attached. The SN5000® roller shutter is optionally available with a mosquito net, which is a system solution creating a coherent whole and providing the comfort of using top-mounted roller shutters. Owing to its unique possibilities and varieties the SN5000® roller shutter can be used both in the Polish and foreign markets.

SN5000 with internal revision cover intended for solutions with a plastic top mounted roller shutter. With the standard roller shutter installation, we can obtain better thermal parameters. Roller shutters can be installed from the inside and the outside. The inspection cover is visible from the inside.
3. TP1000 bez logo otwarta gladki od wewnatrz
SN5000 with external inspection cover for customers expecting the best thermal parameters. It is possible to build up the box completely. Access to the roller shutter through an external inspection cover from the bottom of the box ensures quiet operation of the roller shutter, high comfort of use and high aesthetic values.
SN5000 for external blind targeted to customers having the most modern house designs. Keeping thermal parameters with modern design and blind "hidden" in the wall. All this thanks to the possible double-sided installation of the box and thin two-piece guides.
SN5000 with optional mosquito net available in SN5000 with internal and external inspection cover. Novel mechanism, intended for standard guides as well as two-piece guides. The mosquito net is rolled up with uniform speed, which ensures the comfort of use.

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