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Our shutters are made up of elements produced by the company PORTOS. Thanks to modern machines and adequately selected raw materials, our products have a high quality, at the same time keeping an attractive price.

What distinguishes our company is the ability to balance high quality and low price, which is a rare case in many companies. PORTOS also cares about the environmental protection by using polyurethane foam filling the aluminium profile, which does not contain harmful freon, and the paints used by us do not contain heavy metals, such as cadmium or lead. The quality of our shutters, as well as elements for their production, is supported by technical approvals obtained by us.


Why is it worth to invest in shutters?


They effectively protect from cold, they allow to avoid strong sunlight, they allow the reduction of costs related to heating of the apartment in winter, and they allow the maintaining of privacy - these are only a subset of advantages resulting from having shutters at home. Front mounted shutters of PORTOS from Kalisz, due to specially selected raw materials and strictly specified parameters, are resistant to the effects of external factors, including weather conditions. Front mounted shutters and top mounted shutters of the company PORTOS are a perfect shield against the sun and burglars. It is worth noting that their functionality lets them be at the top of the market of roller blinds.

Our offer contains both front mounted aluminium shutters and PVC roller blinds that can be installed both on the facade in an already existing building and during the installation of windows as part of a window system in buildings under construction (top mounted shutters).

The external shutters are installed on the building facade. It consists of slats combined with each other (lamellas) forming armour. It is installed in a box with guide rails inserted from the sides, limiting the movement of the armour. They are fastened on the window or doors.

PORTOS – shutters from Kalisz - offers a broad selection of profiles of armour from 39 to 77 mm in various colours, depending on your taste. Apart from traditional manual drives we can offer the best electrical drives in the industry. A properly selected control system – Intronic - enables the easy and comfortable handling of shutters.

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