Woodwork Market Leader 2019



The Polish National Carpentry Forum 2019 was held at Ptak Warsaw Expo on 3 October.

This crucial meeting of the joinery industry attracted nearly 400 managers from over 200 companies (including nearly 70 manufacturers).

During the event, we got to know the winners of the 2019 Woodwork Leaders Gala and Innovation of the Year 2019 chosen by the woodwork industry.

The culmination of the meeting was the 2019 Woodwork Leaders Gala. Based on the results collected by the Center for Industry Analysis, leaders in individual categories of joinery were selected, who as the largest in their segment entered the 2019 season.

This year, PORTOS was named "Woodwork Market Leader 2019", the company with the best financial results in the segment of external covers.

The full list of Woodwork Market Leaders 2019 can be found on:



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